2020 Projections for Hotel Food Trends

We’re going to take a look at some of the projections for hotel food trends in 2020. We will also tell you how Culinary Specialties is helping our hotel partners to keep up with the times.

  • Providing more plant-based options – Planted-based diets are very popular right now, and that means you are going find that some of your hotel guests are limiting what they eat. You can look to Culinary Specialties for customized salad options and other plant-based choices for your guests.
  • Offering sustainable food options – With climate change such a hot topic, everyone wants to know where their food comes from. When you provide heat and serve options that have been sourced from Culinary Specialties, you can rest assured that we use sustainable practices at our facility and source our food responsibly.
  • Making your food Instagram-worthy – Everyone wants to show off the nice meal they’ve just had by posting on Instagram. Make your meals shareable by acquiring delicious and brightly colored food from us. For example, our shot glass canapes make perfect appetizers.

Partner Up with Culinary Specialties Today to Meet Your 2020 Hotel Guest Food Needs

Culinary Specialties has everything you need to create or expand a hotel menu for 2020. Contact us today by calling 760.744.8220 and get started on your custom order. We pride ourselves on preparing delicious food from fresh ingredients in a safe environment so that our hotel partners can offer the best meals to your guests. For additional convenience, you can also request a quote online.

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