Avoid These Airline Food Service Mistakes

Avoid These Airline Food Service Mistakes

In 2017, TIME magazine had an article titled “The Real Reason Why Airplane Food Tastes So Bad.” Do you find that your airline is still trying to fight against that reputation? Here are a few tips to help you avoid the mistakes that give airplane food a bad name.

  • Use bottled water for coffee and tea – The quality of your water affects the taste. Plus, you can’t get water as hot at 35,000 feet, so you need to be sure there are no pathogens in the water. Let tea bags steep longer to make up for the cooler water.
  • Don’t serve anything with onions – Not only will the person next to an onion fan thank you for not serving him onions on a flight, but it can also fight foodborne illness. Onions have a tendency to spoil faster than other foods.
  • Avoid deep-fried menu items – You can’t deep fry on the plane and reheating something deep fried is a sure way to serve something rubbery in texture.
  • Make sure you can accommodate special diets – You don’t want to leave out people who have sensitivities to common ingredients like gluten. And you certainly have to be careful if someone has a peanut allergy onboard, even making an announcement to the other passengers, so no one opens anything with peanuts in it on the flight.

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