Delicious and Easy to Serve Food for Catering Companies

Delicious and Easy to Serve Food for Catering Companies

Clients who request your catering services are looking for a few things. First of all, they don’t want to have to think about the meal. That’s what they have you for. After the menu is selected, it’s in your hands. You may even be called upon to provide table settings.

The other things your clients are going to require is a great meal for all of their special event guests. How can you simplify your business while still offering your guests the best quality food? The secret lies in the process of individually quick freezing foods for simple heat and serve meals that are delicious.

When you choose Culinary Specialties as your IQF meal provider, here are some of the things that you can always expect.

  • Delicious taste – the IQF process allows us to lock in both the flavor and color of foods, so they don’t get served looking or tasting like they just came from a freezer.
  • Consistency – Individual freezing also results in meals that can be heated consistently. This means that you won’t get one guest with a frozen center and another with burns. Each item can be heated to the proper temperature for consumption.
  • Quality – Not only do we source our food sustainably and minimize the carbon footprint at our facility, but we also take every measure to ensure that our meals are safe.

Culinary Specialties – The Perfect Partner for Your Catering Business

To learn more, call Culinary Specialties today at 760.744.8220 and speak with a food specialist, or you can request a quote from our website.

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