Don’t Forget Sustainability When Sourcing Premade Food

Don’t Forget Sustainability When Sourcing Premade Food

Hotels, hospitals, airlines, and country clubs all have one thing in common. You have to feed people. Now, how you choose to do that may vary greatly from business to business or organization to organization. Culinary Specialties wants to remind you that besides the safety of the food you serve, another important consideration is sustainability. Here are some of the things that we are doing to help provide you with quality food, whether you are serving patrons or patients.

  • Supporting local growers – Sustainability must include the social and economic benefit of the local region. Therefore, we try to source our food from local growers whenever possible. This also provides you with the freshest food, which results in food safety and great flavor.
  • Efficient energy use – We use LED lighting to reduce energy use in our processing rooms as well as in our freezers and coolers. We also use light timers and motion sensors.
  • Recycling – If it can be recycled, we do it.
  • Education and training – Proper employee training and education provides the motivation to live up to our sustainability goals.
  • Hazard alternatives – We make every effort to avoid the use of hazardous materials, opting for alternatives that are safer for people and the environment.

Partner With Culinary Specialties for Delicious and Sustainable Menu Options

To source your menu items sustainably and safely, contact Culinary Specialties today at 760.744.8220, or you can request a quote online. We look forward to helping you develop a custom order that meets your needs.

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