Ensuring Safe Hospital Food in the Wake of COVID-19

Ensuring Safe Hospital Food in the Wake of COVID-19

Right now, hospitals are overwhelmed with the novel coronavirus. However, when the initial wave passes and things start to cool down, there are still going to be issues that stay with us. For example, food safety has always been a major concern, especially in hospitals. But now we may find that matters like this become even more prominent.

How can you plan ahead to have a safe supply of food for your patients on into the foreseeable future? One way is to source heat and serve meals from a provider like Culinary Specialties. We offer safe and delicious food at affordable rates for medical facilities.

Here are a few ways that we work to ensure food is safe for all of our clients and your patients.

  • Following food safety guidelines – Our prep area follows the guidelines of the USDA and FDA as well as the HACCP, SSOP, GMP, and SOP
  • Third-party safety audits ensure we are using the best procedures
  • Micro testing our finished products offers another layer of quality control
  • Watching for CDC and FDA warnings – We watch for recalls and other warnings to ensure the supply lines are safe from our prep station to your lunch trays

Prepare for Your Hospital’s Future Food Supply Now

Culinary Specialties is working hard to prepare safe and delicious food when you need it. Contact us today, and we can prepare a custom order to meet your facility’s needs. You can call 760.744.8220, or submit an online request for a quote.

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