Help Passengers Fly in Comfort with Better Food

Help Passengers Fly in Comfort with Better Food

Let’s be honest – airline food doesn’t have the best reputation. It doesn’t carry the same stigma as hospital food, but for many passengers, it feels like high school lunch all over again. How can you improve the quality of your airline food and give passengers the comforts they crave?

  • Flavor – It can be tough to produce the best flavors when you are at 35,000 feet and in a tiny kitchen space. However, if you use individually quick frozen meals, the freshness is locked in, and the meal is easy to heat and serve.
  • Quality – You want to source your food from a provider that always uses fresh ingredients. The freezing process won’t help anything if the food doesn’t start off delicious and vibrant.
  • Safety – You want to be sure that the food you serve passengers is safe. Otherwise, they may be comfortable on the flight, but very uncomfortable the day they reach their destination. Be sure that your food provider keeps up to date on the latest suggestions form the FDA and the USDA for food preparation and transport.

Your Source for the Best Heat and Serve Airline Food

Culinary Specialties is producing high-quality heat and serve meals for airlines like yours. We individually quick freeze our meals for optimal flavor, appearance, and ease of preparation. We also follow strict guidelines at our processing plant to protect your passengers. To learn more, speak with a food specialist today by calling 760-744-8220, or request a quote for a custom order online.

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