How IQF Meals Can Improve Your Airline’s Culinary Offerings

How IQF Meals Can Improve Your Airline’s Culinary Offerings

Airline food doesn’t have the best reputation, but maybe that’s because it can be tough to serve great cuisine when you are at 35,000 feet. How can you give your flight attendants the best chance at providing a delicious meal to passengers? Culinary Specialties is helping airlines improve their menus with delicious individually quick frozen (IQF) menu items. Here are three ways IQF meals can improve your in-flight service:

  • Heat evenly – Freezing portions individually allows the staff to heat each meal to the proper temperature. No more cold centers or boiling hot meals that can’t be eaten for 20 minutes while it cools.
  • Locked in freshness – The quick freezing processes preserves the flavor and appearance of food. So your passengers get tasty food that even appeals to the eye.
  • Safety first – Of course, nothing else about the meal will matter if a passenger ends up with a foodborne illness. That’s why you need to order IQF meals from a producer that uses high-quality food in a safe environment along with following the ideal packaging and shipping guidelines.

Affordable IQF Meals for Airlines

Culinary Specialties is proud to offer affordable IQF options for your airline. The meals are easy to heat and serve, and the flavor of the fresh ingredients we source from local growers is locked in by the IQF process. We also use the highest safety standards recommended by the FDA, USDA, and other food safety governing organizations. To place an order, call 760.744.8220, or you can request a quote online.

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