Making Country Club Food Profitable

Making Country Club Food Profitable

Is the food at your country club an amenity that you provide for club members, or do you make a profit from it? That is the struggle that many private clubs are facing. If you want to reduce your costs without skimping on quality for your members, you really only have one option. You need to provide delicious heat and serve menu items from Culinary Specialties. Your members get the flavor they deserve, and you don’t have to charge a fortune to increase your profit margins.

Here are some of the ways that our individually quick frozen menu items can benefit your country club.

  • Taste and appearance – Your members expect the food to look and taste good. Usually, it requires a full-time chef and a fancy kitchen to achieve those lofty goals. However, the IQF process locks in the flavor and appearance of fresh foods. So you serve tasty meals that look appealing with a fraction of the effort in the kitchen.
  • Affordability – Again, if you pay too much for your food, you are going to struggle to turn a profit. Increasing your prices will only upset your members who are already paying dues to the club. Sourcing food affordably allows you to make it both a profitable part of the business while still making it feel like an exclusive amenity for guests.

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