Preparing for Your Airline’s Future Meals

Preparing for Your Airline’s Future Meals

At Culinary Specialties, we have observed the unique obstacles facing the airline industry. One of the challenges that you face is sourcing safe food for your passengers, both now and in the future. You also need to prepare for the end of the coronavirus pandemic, when travel will pick back up again. Could you serve better meals and cut costs at the same time?

Culinary Specialties offers heat and serves meals that are simple to prepare at 30,000 feet. We also offer affordable rates and delicious meals that are sure to benefit your budget while still bringing a smile to the faces of your passengers.

How does Culinary Specialties meet the health and safety needs of your airline as far as food preparation is concerned?

  • FDA and USDA guidelines – We hold to the strictest guidelines at our food prep facility so that you don’t have to worry about contamination from bacteria or foodborne illness.
  • CDC and FDA warnings – We also keep an eye on the latest recalls and any hazard warnings. This ensures that we catch dangers as soon as the issue arises.

It is vital to be able to trust your food preparation kitchen, and that’s the peace of mind that Culinary Specialties offers to airlines like yours.

We’re Here for You Regardless of the Circumstances

You can rely on Culinary Specialties for the best airline food during a crisis situation and when the skies are once again full of hungry travelers and businesspeople. Give us a call today at 760.744.8220, or you can request a quote online to learn more.

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