Serving Food at Your Country Club During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Serving Food at Your Country Club During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Maybe your club was closed for some time due to a state decree. Even if it wasn’t, you might have been seeing fewer visitors for a time. Fortunately, golf is a great way to get outside and maintain social distance, so you should be able to promote your club as soon as it is okay to do so in your state. But how can you satisfy the need for meals? Here are a few tips.

  • Outdoor seating – Even if you are allowed to seat members, they may not want to be indoors with other people right now. Adding some outdoor seating may convince patrons to stay awhile longer and have a full meal.
  • To-go meals – Rather than only offering options for members who want a seat, offer to-go options that can be taken home to the family or eaten during a break from the course.
  • Follow local regulations – Be sure to check both state and local guidelines, so you are not breaking any of the rules. Not only is this for the safety of your patrons, but you can also negate a lot of sales if you get a fine for noncompliance. Unfortunately, this may mean penalizing members who break the rules (for example, not allowing someone indoors at the club without a mask if face coverings are required).

The Perfect Heat and Serve Meals to Simply for Your Food Service

Culinary Specialties is proud to offer the perfect heat and serve food for country clubs across the nation. You can even customize many of the options to meet the needs of your members. Call 760.744.8220 to learn more, or you can request a quote from our website.

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