Simple Options for Your Hotel Menu

Simple Options for Your Hotel Menu

Culinary Specialties is helping some of the biggest name hotels to serve their guests better food than ever. If you want to cut down on prep time without losing out on taste, we’ve got some great options for you. Here’s is a small sampling of what we have to offer.

  • Customizable salads – From dinner salads to side salads, we use the freshest vegetables to create food your guests will love.
  • Roulades – Roulades are individually quick frozen, so the flavor is locked in. They are delivered in easy to heat and serve individual portions. This entrée is also customizable and can contain pork, chicken, or turkey, as well as the stuffing you choose. This allows you to create a menu that meets the needs of your hotel guests.
  • Breakfast Quiches – Customizable breakfast quiches allow you to take your breakfast game to the next level. Once again, these are individually quick frozen, so your staff will have no problem heating them to the proper temp for service. The look and taste of foods are locked in by the quick freezing process, and our safety measures help ensure that your guests can dine at your hotel with confidence.

Heat and Serve Food from the Hotel Food Experts

Find out why hotels like the Four Seasons and JW Marriott source food from Culinary Specialties. We’ll be happy to help your hotel add meal options that will delight your guests. Call us today at 760.744.8220, or you can request a quote for your custom order online.

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