Tasty Bites for Convention Center Guests

Tasty Bites for Convention Center Guests

A great way to boost profits at your convention center is to offer food to your renters. This convenience can allow you either to sell to event attendees or to charge a higher rental fee when including the service.

Of course, when people are at a convention, they may not want to stop for a sit-down meal. That means you need to offer tasty bites that someone can eat while walking around. Here are a few ideas.

  • Puff pastry – This is a great conduit for appetizers that are easy to eat with your hands. For example, pigs in a blanket are simple to carry around and pop in your mouth. Veggie turnovers can even provide an option for vegetarian event attendees.
  • Mini pizzas – Pizza is already a food that you eat with your hands, but mini pizzas condense things even more and make it easy to carry around bite-sized food as you peruse an event.
  • Wraps – From meats and cheeses to veggies, you can stick just about anything in a delicious wrap. While sandwiches may have a tendency to fall apart, wraps are known to hold their contents, so they are a great food for walking around.

Partner with Culinary Specialties to Improve Your Convention Center’s Food Game

Culinary Specialties has everything you need to add food to your convention center offerings or to increase the number of menu items you already offer. From individually quick frozen items that are simple to heat and serve to fresh ingredients sourced from local growers, we have the solutions that your convention center needs.  Call 760.744.8220 or request a quote online.

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