Tea Sandwiches for Your Country Club Members

Tea Sandwiches for Your Country Club Members

A great afternoon tea deserves a great tea sandwich. That’s why Culinary Specialties now offers five delicious tea sandwich options that are made fresh on a daily basis. They make great sides for a tea service but also delicious appetizers which you can have the service staff carry around the room at special events. Here are our tea sandwich offerings:

  • Chicken salad – Mayo, mustard, celery, and cranberries are the perfect accompaniments for this American classic.
  • Deviled egg – Deviled eggs are already a popular appetizer, but they are easy to turn into a tea sandwich and basically serve as fancy mini egg salad sandwiches.
  • Prosciutto and melon – Melon wrapped in prosciutto is the inspiration for this sweet ham sandwich.
  • Shrimp – Cocktail shrimp have always been considered a popular high-end appetizer, so turning them into a shrimp salad and making tiny sandwiches is a great evolution of this classic.
  • Smoked salmon – Cream cheese and smoked salmon are a match made in heaven and topping the sandwich with a little roe is an elegant addition.

Miniature Delights for the Perfect Appetizers

Culinary Specialties is proud to partner up with country clubs to provide the best starters and entrée options. To learn more about the many delightful menu items we produce, contact us today at 760-744-8220. You can also request a quote for our products via our website.

Remember that Culinary Specialties’ offerings are always customizable, so you can meet the needs of your club and events with gourmet flavors tailored to you.

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