The Future of Hospital Food Is IQF Meals

If you are trying to change the way patients view food at your facility, you are not alone. The perception of food in hospitals is not positive, and this is sad because nutrition plays such a big role in health and recovery. How are individually quick frozen (IQF) meals becoming the future of hospital food? Here are a few ways.

  • Appealing – When food is frozen quickly, it retains its appearance and flavor. This results in attractive food that is delicious to eat. It is a far cry from what most people think of as hospital food.
  • Healthy – Quick freezing food also locks in more of the nutrition. This helps you to serve better food to patients, which may even have benefits for the recovery process. Plus, when a facility is run the right way, you can be confident that the food is safe.
  • Simple – You don’t need a specially trained staff to heat and serve IQF meals. The process is simple, and that also makes it affordable for most facilities. The only real question is whether or not you want to break away from the age-old reputation of hospital food. We know you do!

Affordable IQF Options for Hospitals

If you are ready for a big change in how your hospital serves food to patients, contact Culinary Specialties today. We offer a wide range of customizable heat and serve foods that are all prepared in our safe facility that meets the standards of the FDA, USDA, and other governing organizations. To learn more, call 760.744.8220 or submit the online contact form.

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