The Perfect Holiday Menu for Your Country Club

The Perfect Holiday Menu for Your Country Club

Culinary Specialties is proud to present country clubs with the opportunity to impress members by offering our fresh and tasty menu items. With the holidays coming up, we know that there are certain items members will expect. Here are a few tasty ways to please even the most demanding patrons.

  • Appetizers – Puff pastry makes a great conduit for delicious appetizers. Choose from holiday favorites like turkey with cranberry sauce, or save the bird for the main course and start out with a sweet and tangy treat like brie cheese and honey.
  • Canapes – For a country club holiday party, you will want the waitstaff to be able to move about the mingling guests with trays of canapes. This is a great place to insert a high-end meat like lamb loin that has been crusted with rosemary and wholegrain mustard. You can also insert a vegetarian option like butternut squash, cranberries, and walnuts. The flavor is sure to evoke the holiday spirit.
  • Entrees – Wellingtons are a great way to provide a classy and filling main course for your guests. If you started with turkey, you can offer a root vegetable Wellington. Root veggies are a staple at the holidays and make for a filling vegetarian dish. You can also choose from lamb or turkey to fill the Wellington to make this your meat course.

The Best Prepared Meals for Your Country Club

Offer your members the opportunity to enjoy the holidays at the club with tasty meals that provide all of the flavors you expect during the season. Contact Culinary Specialties today to customize your holiday menu. You can call us at 760-744-8220 or request a quote online.

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