The Shortcuts Every Caterer Needs to Use

The Shortcuts Every Caterer Needs to Use

When you run a catering business, everything is about timing and appearances. That’s why you need shortcuts. But you need to use them the right way so that the customer never knows you took a shortcut. Here are a few tips for making up time.

  • Prep what you can in advance – Meat can be seared a few hours ahead of time or even the evening before an event. Just be sure to keep it at the right temperature. Some vegetables immediately begin to turn once you cut them, but others can be chopped in advance. Also, you can make and freeze certain types of sauces in bulk.
  • Buy premade foods – If you trust the manufacturer, this is a shortcut you should always be willing to take. Heating and serving items that were individually quick frozen in a controlled environment will be just as good as foods you prepped the day before.
  • Focus on presentation – The key is to present the pre-prepared or premade foods in an aesthetically pleasing way. Your guests will never know you took those Especially if you get your premade foods from Culinary Specialties.

Premade Foods for Caterers that Are Delicious and Safe

We also know that your big concern as a caterer is making sure that an entire party doesn’t end up at the hospital. At Culinary Specialties, we take every precaution, from guidelines of the USDA to the FDA, very seriously. Then we ship our products at a controlled temperature to ensure that you get food that tastes great and is safe for your clients and their guests. To learn more, call 760-744-8220, or you can request a quote online.

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