This Is What Your Hotel Guests Want for Breakfast

This Is What Your Hotel Guests Want for Breakfast

Breakfast can be an important part of the hotel guest experience. How can you improve the breakfast at your hotel without hiring a chef, adding a bigger kitchen, and charging a fortune? Here are some of the things your hotel guests want at breakfast and how to deliver.

  • Good coffee and tea – The most disappointing thing is having bad coffee or tea in the morning at breakfast. Your hotel guests are going to want a delicious pick-me-up, not some hot tasteless brown water to hold them over until they can go to a Starbucks.
  • Something delicious they can grab and go – Sometimes your hotel guests are in a hurry. Whether they have to catch a plane, make a business meeting, or beat the crowds to a nearby tourist spot, you want to offer a tasty option for someone on the go. A breakfast burrito can tick all the elements by offering something that is tasty and easy to eat while walking to the car or public transportation.
  • Something high in protein – Have you noticed that most breakfast buffets are all carbs? For guests who are counting calories, things like waffles or danishes are not the best choices. Why not offer mini quiches to provide some quick protein in the form of eggs with some nice veggies to go along with it.

Great Heat & Serve Breakfast Options for Your Hotel

Culinary Specialties offers customizable options on our breakfast burritos and quiches. They give you the opportunity to give your guests tasty choices for breakfast that are good on the go. To get a quote, you can call us today at 760-744-8220 or request a quote online.

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