Custom Menu Items for Your Hotel Guests

Custom Menu Items for Your Hotel Guests

Room service is a great amenity to be able to offer to your guests. However, this is often something that smaller hotel chains or local hospitality companies don’t have the ability to provide. Is that the reason your hotel doesn’t have a menu for guests to order from at any time of day or night? Get ready to change the way your hotel does business.

The Quick and Easy Way to Offer Room Service

Culinary Specialties offers business like yours a unique opportunity to stand out among your competitors. By providing safely prepared and delicious meals that are easy to heat and serve, you can go from having a vending machine in the lobby to creating a custom room service menu without having to install an industrial kitchen or hiring a chef. Consider some of our tempting menu options:

  • Cornish Hen – You can get the hen boneless or partially deboned. There are several options for the side dish which is a stuffing including wild rice and mushrooms, apples and almonds, brie and cranberry, or any of our other inviting
  • Wellington – Our wellingtons can be customized to meet your needs. Choose from proteins like beef, chicken, lamb, or salmon. This is something that is sure to be popular with your hotel guest.
  • Stuffed Chicken Breast – Offer your guests a succulent chicken breast stuffed with Mediterranean flavors, Florentine, or any of our other customizable stuffing varieties.

You get the picture. We prep the meals from the freshest ingredients to guarantee quality and flavor. You get to add a new service for your guests. So what are you waiting for? Call us today at 760-744-8220 to see what Culinary Specialties can do for your hospitality business.

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