Gluten Free and Vegan Food Options for Your Hospital

Gluten Free and Vegan Food Options for Your Hospital

When a patient is staying in the hospital, they may have certain dietary needs. However, even if a doctor has not imposed a dietary restriction on a patient, they may also have their own personal reasons for adjusting their diet. The last thing you want is a patient going hungry because they won’t eat the food your cafeteria puts out.

Gluten free and vegan diets are growing increasingly popular in America. A great way to add menu items for your patients is to purchase heat and serve menu items that are already prepared gluten free or vegan. Then your cafeteria just has to heat up the individual meals and send them to the right room.

Here are some of the options we provide for you at Culinary Specialties:

  • Gluten free foods – Our gluten free menu items include hearty meals like lasagna and ravioli. We also make paella croquettes, chicken and cheese quesadillas, and quinoa falafel.
  • Vegan foods – We also offer a vegan version of our lasagna. Besides this, we have butternut squash and cheese quesadillas, apple cinnamon empanadas, mixed veggie turnovers, phyllo wrapped asparagus, and more!

This is the smart way to give your patients what they need or want without causing complications in the kitchen.

Make Culinary Specialties Your Cafeteria Partner

Call 760.744.8220 to get started on an order and remember to order for your patients who don’t have special dietary needs. You may be able to source a large portion of your menu with tasty IQF food items. You can also request a quote online for more information.

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