Boxed Lunches for Conferences at Your Hotel

Does your hotel have a conference room for businesses to make use of? If so, there is something that you should consider adding to your service. Including boxed lunches for conference attendees can allow you to charge an additional fee for businesses because they are getting the added benefit of not having to find a local caterer for the event.

While a boxed lunch is going to be a more affordable option as opposed to a catered meal, it doesn’t have to mean that conference attendees are going to suffer. You just have to source your boxed lunches the right way. One way that hotels can add this to their list of services for businesses without adding a big expense is to purchase the lunches premade from Culinary Specialties. What are the benefits?

  • Locally sourced ingredients – Local ingredients taste better and provide a high-quality meal.
  • Customizable – You can order meals to meet the needs of your hotel guests. For example, we offer sandwich options, side salads, fruit, chips, and cookies.
  • Easy to serve – Utensils and napkins are included in the lunches, so everything is already done. You just chose the options you want and how many lunches you need.

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Contact Culinary Specialties today at 760.744.8220, or you can request a quote online. We are proud to offer tasty and safe meals to hotels, conference centers, hospitals, country clubs, and many other facilities and businesses. Learn more and place your order today!

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