How to Offer Appetizing Hospital Food Without Breaking the Budget

How to Offer Appetizing Hospital Food Without Breaking the Budget

The reputation for food at hospitals isn’t much better than that of schools and prisons. People almost expect food to be bad at a hospital. But that doesn’t mean you need to live up (or in this case, down) to their expectations. You can offer appetizing hospital food without having to break the budget. Here is the secret.

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Meals for Hospitals

Culinary Specialties offers a unique option for hospitals that is both affordable and delicious. We prepare meals using fresh and sustainable foods in a safe environment. We apply the standards of the USDA, FDA, and many other governing organizations. Then we individual quick freeze the food. What does this accomplish?

  • Quality – The color and flavor of foods is locked in, so your patients and staff get tasty foods that look appetizing.
  • Simple – IQF foods are easy to reheat and serve. Since they are packaged individually, they don’t take as long to heat, and they heat through evenly. You don’t end up with one patient who has food too hot to eat while another is dealing with a frozen center.

As a result, patients and staff are happy because everyone loves a good meal.

Upgrade Your Hospital’s Food Today

Contact Culinary Specialties today to customize meals for your hospital and find out just how affordable it can be to improve your menu significantly. Call 760-744-8220, or you can request a quote for your custom order online.

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