More Catering Trends for the New Year

More Catering Trends for the New Year

If you run a catering business, then you understand the importance of being able to provide good food at any sort of venue for large amounts of people. That can be a real challenge. Will the new trends in catering make things easier or more difficult for your business? Here is a look ahead:

  • Tapas – The small plates trend is not showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, many people are happy to have their party catered with cocktails and appetizers.
  • Sustainable menus – People want to know the source of their food, and they want confidence that local growers are being supported.
  • More veggies – Vegetarian meals are on the rise. The more information that comes out linking the meat industry in America to climate change, the more of a clamor there is for meat-free diets.
  • Customizable options – People are on so many different diets that the idea of providing a customizable menu, or even food stations where guests choose their own options, is continuing to gain ground.
  • Reduced waste – Consumers are concerned about food waste. Will they get to take home leftovers? Will they be donated to a local homeless shelter? Whatever option you choose, you want your clients to be satisfied that the food isn’t just going in the garbage.

Get Help for Your Catering Business in 2020

Culinary Specialties can help you to navigate some of these catering trends. We source our food from local growers, produce vegetarian options as well as special meals for other diets, and we make small plate items. To learn more, give us a call today at 760.744.8220, or you can request a quote online.

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