Should Your Convention Center Consider Adding a Dining Lounge

Should Your Convention Center Consider Adding a Dining Lounge?

Many convention centers across the country offer concession stands so that convention-goers can eat without having to provide their own food or leave the center. However, have you ever considered adding a dining lounge to your convention center? Here are a few advantages of offering this extra amenity.

  • Stand out – Make your convention center stand out from the competition by offering something that your competitors don’t have.
  • Offer food you can eat sitting down – Without a designated seating area, your concession stands are relegated to offering foods that can be eaten while standing and walking around. You can really increase your menu options (and your prices) if there is a place for guests to sit and enjoy a meal with tableware.
  • Sustainable for longer events – If you want people to spend all day at an event, you have to give them the chance to enjoy a sit-down meal. It allows renters to charge more for admission, so you get to raise your rental fees too. It’s a win-win.

Increase the Food Options at Your Convention Center

Culinary Specialties offers tons of easy to heat and serve options that can be handled in convention center kitchens. We can provide foods that are easy to eat while walking around, but we can also help you increase your options if you enter into the realm of sit-down eating. To learn more, contact us today at 760.744.8220, or you can request a quote for our services online.

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