Take Your Catering Clients on a World Tour With These Dazzling Appetizer Options

Take Your Catering Clients on a World Tour With These Dazzling Appetizer Options

If you run a catering company, you may find that more and more clients want international cuisine at their events. How can you provide what people want without learning recipes from all over the globe? Culinary Specialties has the solution with delicious heat and serve menu items. Here are a few varieties that are sure to please your clients.

  • Moroccan Beef Phyllo Cigars – Give clients an alternative to egg rolls and spring rolls with this North African twist. Our Moroccan beef phyllo cigars are hand-rolled with marinated beef and Moroccan flavors at our USDA and FDA compliant facility.
  • Nopales and Mozzarella Cheese Arepas – Instead of offering typical Tex-Mex fare, why not add some real Mexican flavors to the menu. These arepas are sure to please, and you may find that many of your clients are excited to have cactus served in this manner.
  • Vegetable Pakora – Next, take your clients to India for this south Asian street food favorite. These fried fritters are perfect for clients who want the menu to lean in the vegetable direction without sacrificing bold flavors.

Your Partner for Providing Great Tasting Special Event Menus

Culinary Specialties is proud to provide catering companies like yours with hand-produced menu items that look and taste as fresh as the minute we quick-freeze them for transport. To learn more about the delicious offerings we have, call 760.744.8220, or you can request a quote online now.

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