Trends in Airline Food for 2020 and Beyond

If you want to keep your airline in step with the times, you need to consider every aspect of the passenger’s experience. This is especially true when it comes to meals. What will passengers be expecting from airline food? Here are some of the top market trends to think about.

  • The “Free From” Movement – More flyers are requesting special diets than ever before. From gluten free meals to other allergens, your airline needs to be able to respond on an individual basis. Just serving a salad and some fruit to everyone who needs a special diet isn’t considered being very accommodating.
  • Heavier Seasoning – Maybe people just have worse palates than they did in the past, but people seem to want their food more heavily seasoned. Whether it is the spice level of the meal or the strength of the coffee, this is the trend in taste. Don’t forget to give passengers a little salt packet in case they like even more seasoning than they received.
  • Options – More passengers are willing to pay to get exactly what they want. This allows your airline to cash in if you can offer some additional onboard options for sale. Don’t forget to present the “for sale” items before the freebies. No one is going to buy food after they are already full.

Add More Flavor and Special Dietary Options to Your On-Board Menu Today!

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